Julep Madison and Essie Butler Please Swatches


It has been brought to my attention that painting two accent nails is the new trend.  To me, that just means that I don’t have to pick just one polish whenever I paint my nails.  🙂

When I got home from work last night, I thought Julep’s Madison would be a good accent to Butler Please.  So at 8 pm I started painting my nails and at 11 pm I jumped into the shower before bed.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed that all of the nails with Madison were smudged.  The Essie polish was perfectly smooth as always, but for some reason Julep failed me!

In the bottle, Madison is a bright pink neon and on the nail it looses some of the rosy hue.  In the picture it looks almost orange, but then that might just be the fault of my iPhone.  I am actually really sad that it took so long to dry because I love Julep.  Some of my favorite polishes have come from Julep Maven boxes and they always seem to last the longest with the least amount of chipping.

Butler Please is probably one of my favorite blues, and I do adore blue polishes.  It is a cobalt blue creme.  It dried with almost a matte finish, but with a top coat it was super glossy and awesome.  I wish I had gotten it sooner and had stamped it with silver snowflakes for a holiday manicure.

In the end, I still love Essie and I’ll give Madison another chance another day.  Hopefully, it’ll dry better.


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